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Terms and Conditions


Our products are available to stock on hand. There are no guarantees made or implied for availability of products unless your order has been processed and we agree to hold stock.

Care of Furniture:

Regular care of your furniture will ensure its longevity and continued usability. Fasteners need to be checked for tightness, paint needs to be inspected for chips, and damage repaired when found. All products need to be cleaned/inspected regularly. Improper use or lack of regular maintenance can lead to a voided warranty. 


Hospitality and Home Furniture LLC offers a 4-season, 365-day warranty on materials and workmanship from date of receipt of the products. Some of our furniture carries an even longer warranty, where noted. Any warranty expressed or agreed to becomes void if there has been misuse, abuse, unauthorized repairs, accidental damage, vandalism, acts of nature or repair by an unauthorized person. Hospitality and Home Furniture (or any of its affiliates) will not be held liable for any damages deemed to be caused by user negligence or by acts of god (nature).

Vendor Obligation:

We comply with all laws/regulations/codes on a state/federal level, but we can't be liable for pertinent codes at the local level. For specific local level codes the customer will need to provide us with that information as local laws and regulations are quite varied. 

Methods of Payment

We accept payment by credit card, check, and wire transfers. Orders must be paid in full before they are processed.

Minimum Order

Orders must exceed $350.00, not including freight and tax (where applicable), or be subjected to a $75 Small Order Fee.

Changes to Orders:

Order confirmation may be made by email or written letter. Confirmation of changes to orders must be made by email or written letter as well. Changes made to existing in-progress orders may be subject to delays and additional charges. If an in-progress order is cancelled the customer can be charged with supplies and materials for that order. 

Additional Shipping Charges:

  • Call Before Delivery: Requests for call before delivery may incur a $35 charge. 
  • Broken Master Pack: Many furniture products are shipped as multiples in a single carton or master pack to reduce freight costs and damage to the products. Orders that includes a broken Master Pack incur a $50 charge.


Orders are shipped Monday– Friday during business hours unless denoted or requested otherwise. All orders are shipped F.O.B. origin/warehouse. It is up to the customer to specify routing and shipping instructions. If no such instructions are received then we will ship in what we believe is the best possible way. There are additional services that may be requested at additional expense: a lift gate truck, re-routing, and re-delivery of goods.

Warranty Claims:

The purchaser assumes ownership of goods and merchandise while in transit, and is responsible for offloading the goods once delivered unless prior arrangements have been made. 

It is important for the purchaser to inspect the shipment immediately after receipt. Any visible damage to cartons or crates should be noted on the delivery receipt. Loss or damage must be reported in a claim to the delivery carrier immediately. Sometimes damage is concealed within the packaging – if this occurs retain the packaging slip or B.O.L. and notify the carrier or freight agency within 24 hours of receipt of goods for an inspection. Any damage that is not found, described, and reported within 24 hours risks a loss of claim. 


No returns of merchandise can be made without authorization from Hospitality and Home Furniture + Design Studio. Returns are subject to shipping and restocking charges at customer's expense. If furniture defects are noticed, they must be reported to Hospitality and Home Furniture + Design Studio within 24 hours. Returned furniture must be in its original packaging and unassembled. Items that are Made to Order are non-refundable without consent. 

Payment for Order: 

Your order will be processed upon receipt of payment. Our quotes are good for 30 days after date of issuance. If paying by check, please make payable to Hospitality and Home Furniture LLC and mail it to the address listed on the invoice. Please reference your order number and include the terms page signed.