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Purchasing Incentive Program

To Our Colleagues In The A & D Industries: 

We know firsthand the extensive time and effort you put into designing your projects, the hours spent perfecting every detail. We would like to acknowledge and reward your efforts.

Our Purchasing Incentive Program (PIP) was created with you in mind. At Hospitality and Home Furniture we pride ourselves on our ability to procure any style of furniture, fabric, or fixture you desire. Because of this, we’re confident that you can specify the furnishings you need for your projects, all in one place — with us — and you can earn rewards in the process.

Ask us about our incentive program and the benefits of setting up an account. Set up your PIP account today and start earning the rewards you deserve!

Additional Details:

  • Earn 5% back on all purchases made with us
  • Have an account login and accrual sheet that is specific to you
  • Apply your PIP rewards dollars to a future order with us, or choose to receive a check once the order is delivered, inspected, and installed
  • Build a trusted relationship with us that is mutually beneficial

Purchasing Incentive Program for Designers and Architects